Who we are

We’re Linkker. We create links how cities use electric powered transportation. We do this by working as a technology developer and integrator, combining Finnish technology and expertise into new electric vehicle products and public transportation systems.

What we do

We link electric transportation systems. We’ve created a series of products that help cities redefine how they use electric power as part of public transportation. For example, we’ve created a new electric powertrain, lightweight chassis and electric bus system that greatly enhances the travel experience for passengers and drivers. You can read more about Linkker products.

Why it matters

We want to see massive changes made in public transportation and make it a more desirable choice for all people living in cities. We feel electric powered public transportation has the ability to improve a city’s image and bring positive effects to the well being and quality of life of people living in all cities. For more information, please see the link for publications.

Product service systems for electric buses.

Linkker makes the link between city and people and creates the best electric public transportation system experience for both passengers and drivers. Our customers are cities, bus operators, drivers and passengers.

Key characteristics:
Sustainability - zero local emission, low noise and environmental friendly materials
Energy efficiency - energy efficient powertrain and lightweight bus construction
Long lifespan - maintenance free powertrain, long life span construction
User experience - smooth and comfortable ride and driving experience
Quality and high availability - quality and availability through engineering, high quality components and processes.

Linkker blog: Improving quality of city life and creating economic growth with electrified bus systems!

Improving quality of city life and creating economic growth with electrified bus systems!