Leading operational performance

Linkker buses offer very high energy efficiency and high operational performance. The benefits are improved time table performance, higher daily mileage and continuous operation with lower cost.

These benefits are achieved with the combination of LinkLight lightweight bus construction, LinkDrive energy efficient drive line, optimized battery size and fast opportunity charging resulting in eBus system with lower consumption, less charging required, longer battery life time and lower life cycle cost.

Electrification of transport if feasible today!

LinkDrive electric drive line

Linkker LinkDrive very sofisticated drive line provides excellent driving experience combined with low maintenance cost. LinkDrive is lightweight not reducing passenger capacity, does not require any battery cell balancing and is engineered for very high cycle life. Main drive line components are rear mounted for easy access.

LinkDrive is engineered for high power re-charging minimizing the re-charge cycle and allowing buses to be in continuous operation.

Passenger Experience

A combination of design and engineering provide a comfortable, noise free and smooth passenger experience. Comfort is provided by spacious cabin with flexible seat lay-outs. Noise free ride is provided by use of low noise components and sound engineering. Smooth ride is provided by advanced drive line design minimizing vibrations and jolting during acceleration.

LinkLight lightweight chassis & body

LinkLight chassis and body is a unibody, 100% high grade aluminum construction engineered for 25 year operation. LinkLight combines high payload with low weight and thus further reducing energy consumption and improving performance. In addition this construction offers very good structural strength and high safety.

Climate know-how

Linkker buses are engineered for operation in both cold and hot climate conditions. We have expertise in operation below -25 degrees and heavy snow fall. Linkker buses are equipped with energy efficient auxiliaries, insulated and double glazed body providing for stable operation also in harsh climatic conditions.

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