Tom Granvik appointed CEO of Linkker

Villähde 17.3.2021

Linkker Oy and its Board of Directors announce that company co-founder and long-time CFO Tom Granvik will starting April 1st 2021 assume the role as CEO. Sten Stockmann is effective March 31 2021 leaving the company to pursue other career opportunities.

Linkker Board of Directors

Linkker fleet mileage surpasses 3 million kilometres

A milestone was reached on June 7th 2020 when the combined mileage of Linkker’s electric bus fleet surpassed 3 million kilometres, an equivalent of 75 times the earth’s circumference.

An estimate of 1 million liters of diesel fuel has consequently been saved.

The most active operator has been in the city Turku, where six Linkker buses have driven over 1,5 million kilometres, over 250.000 km / bus on average.

Linkker bus put to the test in Artic Mine

In co-operation with Vattenfall, LKAB and Kempower, a Linkker 12+ LE bus is being used in a project to evaluate how electric buses adapt to the harsh environment of Arctic Mines. The goal is to specify the needed performance requirements in order to electrify the personnel transportation both above and beneath the ground. Apart from the freezing outside temperatures the underground environment also poses some additional challenges: a height difference of 1.2km and inclinations up to 13 degrees.

SRS equipped Linkker 12LE tested in Malaga

SRS equpped Linkker 12LE in Malaga

Alstom Transport selected Linkker 12+ Low Entry electric bus for its project in City of Malaga. The project is to test in real operational conditions Alstom’s new ground based fast charging connectivity system SRS.

The bus is equipped with a 55kWh LTO battery, SRS fast charging connectivity solution and was commissioned in August for commercial operation on line 1 in central Malaga. The bus is charging 20-30 times a day in short bursts with 200kW power achieving daily mileage of more than 200km also in very demanding Mediterranean conditions.

SRS charging connectivity system can be upgraded from 50kW to 800kW without any major technical changes. Aboard the vehicles, the collector shoes are attached underneath vehicle’s chassis.