Operational efficiency with low energy consumption and fast charging!

Some case examples with performance data from Moscow, Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Turku and Espoo

Sijoittajien yhteystietojen päivitys

Jatkossa yhtiökokouskutsu julkaistaan yhtiön verkkosivuilla. Lisäksi kutsu toimitetaan sähköpostilla niille sijoittajille, joiden sähköpostiosoite on tiedossamme ja joilta on lupa viestien lähettämiseen.

Samalle jakelulistalle toimitetaan myös neljännesvuosi-katsaukset.

Valitettavasti Euroclear ei tallenna sähköpostiosoitteita, joten pyydämme kaikkia uusia sijoittajia lähettämään sähköpostiosoitteensa Tom Granvikille (tom.granvik@linkkerbus.com) halutessanne  mukaan jakelulistalle.

Pyydämme myös jo listalla olevia sijoittajia toimittamaan mahdolliset muutokset.

Samaan osoitteeseen voitte myös lähettää pyynnön poistaa osoitteenne jakelulistalta.




Linkker Oy,


Linkker 12+ in tests in Moscow

Since mid March Linkker 12+ has been in Moscow for field tests on several inner city routes. Data collected shows consumption of 0,8kWh/km little load -1,3kWh/km 100% payload. Line lengths ranging from 5km-20km.

Linkker 12+ in tests in Berlin

Linkker 12+ is being tested in Berlin on route 204 running between Bahnhof Zoo and Suedkreuz. Purpose of tests is to gain experience on opportunity charged buses in Berlin and collect operational data for further planning.

Linkker in operation on Lines 23 and 55 in Helsinki

Helsinki Region Transport has commenced operation of lines 23 and 55 with Linkker buses. Lines are operated by Helsingin Bussiliikenne and Transdev.


Line 3A running from Vällbypark to Nordhavn. The line is operated with Linkker buses and two re-charging events

Espoo line 11

Line 11 is 19.2 km long from A->B->A and is operated with Linkker buses and one re-charging event of 350 kW power.
13.10.2017 | Martin Eiser | Press release


Meet us at Busworld in Kortrijk and take the time for a test drive with our Linkker 12 LE – the ebus with the lowest energy consumption and shortest re-charge events in industry – providing for high transportation performance and low life cycle cost.

7.9.2016 | Tom Granvik


7.9.2016 | Tom Granvik


1.9.2016 | Tom Granvik | Press release

Fast Charging E-Buses from Finland Wins Copenhagen Contract

The City of Copenhagen has chosen Finnish Linkker Oy to deliver an emission free electric bus system for bus line 3A in central Copenhagen. Linkker will be teaming up with charging station manufacturer Heliox from the Netherlands. Together, the consortium was able to offer the best solution combining performance and service quality with more than 260km daily mileage, very short turnaround times and long continuous operation. Contract value is 1.3 million Euros and delivery is scheduled for June 2016.