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VILLÄHDE, 22.5.2019

Sten Stockmann appointed as chief executive officer of LINKKER Oy

Linkker board of directors has appointed Sten Stockmann as new CEO. Sten will assume his position on 1.6.2019.

The appointment of the new CEO strengthens the company’s operational management and provides additional resources for developing operational capabilities in a situation where the company is experiencing strong growth, starting deliveries to Southeast Asia and negotiating similar local manufacturing projects on two other continents.

Sten has extensive experience in business development, international sales and management from positions held in consumer electronics and automotive component industries.

The company founder and former CEO Sami Ruotsalainen continues as a CTO, a position he has held since company foundation.


Linkker Oy, Board of Directors



For more info, please contact:

Sami Ruotsalainen, Founder and Chairman of the Board,



VILLÄHDE 22.5.2019


Sten Stockmann nimitetty Linkker Oy:n tomitusjohtajaksi 1.6 alkaen


Linkker Oy:n hallitus on 22.5.2019 nimittänyt Sten Stockmannin toimitusjohtajaksi. Sten aloittaa tehtävässään 1.6.2019.

Uuden toimitusjohtajan nimitys vahvistaa yrityksen operatiivista johtoa ja tuo lisäresursseja operatiivisen toimintakyvyn kehittämiseen tilanteessa jossa yritys on kasvamassa, aloittamassa toimitukset Kaakkois-Aasiaan ja neuvottelemassa vastaavista paikalliseen valmistukseen perustuvista hankkeista kahdessa muussa maanosassa.

Stenillä on mittava kokemus liiketoiminnan kehittämisestä, kansainvälisestä myynnistä ja johtamistehtävistä kuluttajaelektroniikan ja autoteollisuuskomponenttien parista.

Väistyvä toimitusjohtaja Sami Ruotsalainen jatkaa aiemmassa tehtävässään teknisenä johtajana.


Linkker Oy, hallitus


Lisätietoja antaa:

Sami Ruotsalainen, hallituksen puheenjohtaja,


Linkker Story

Finland is a well-known cleantech country. We are born to respect clean nature, pollution free environment and scarce resources. Our interest in hightech solutions together with nature-loving way of living have set the starting point for Linkker electric-bus concept.

Linkker-story has begun over 10 years ago. Technical know-how, hard work and furious passion to innovate electric buses that provide leading operational performance, have been the goal right from the beginning. The group of innovative designers wanted to create a sustainable transportation solution that would serve the public transportation needs for the decades ahead. Today we can proudly say that we have come to the point in which cities all over the world are able to select pollution-free and easily operated Linkker electric buses.

Linkker core technologies are light weight chassis and body constructions and energy efficient drive lines. These have been developed in several steps. Light weight construction was first used in a diesel bus launched back in 2005. The road and climate conditions in Finland are very demanding and therefore only well proven technologies are approved by Linkker.

Drive line development started in 2007 and was completed in several projects. One very important project was electric race about project in which worlds fastest registered electric sports car around Nurburgring Nordschleife was developed.

The first Linkker bus was developed 2011 in VTT, state research center, coordinated eBUS and eBUS Systems project using light weight constructions from the diesel bus and drive line developed by Linkker team. This demonstrator was bench marked against commercial eBuses. Main test objectives was operational capabilities of the buses in terms of energy consumption, re-charging, daily mileage, passenger capacity and driving. The test results were very promising and thus the decision to bring this product on the market was done!

We at Linkker want to offer a pollution-free public transportation solution as well as a sustainable investment. We have grasped the trends of tomorrow’s public transportation. With us, you will turn public transportation into your city’s asset.

“Do not compromise quality of life in cities. Take the first step in investing in your city’s future today.”

Linkker Founding Members

Sami Ruotsalainen, CEO & Chairman of The Board, CTO e-Technologies. Sami holds Master’s degree in engineering from Helsinki Technical University. Sami has made a broad career in engineering in various positions. He initiated EV development program at Metropolia Polytechnic and was the Chief Engineer of award winning electric race about project. This car is the fastest registered EV sports car around Nurburgring Nordschleife. With Linkker Sami is main architect of drive line technologies and solutions.

Tommi Mutanen, COO Bus constructions. Tommi holds Master’s degree in engineering from Helsinki Technical University. He has made extensive career at Kabus, subsidiary of Koiviston Auto, largest privately held bus operator in Finland and manufacturer of Kabus buses, in development and as plant manager. Tommi has also worked as technology consultant for vehicle industry. With Linkker Tommi manages component production of chassis and body works as well as prototype constructions.

Tom Granvik, CFO, Sales & Marketing. Tom holds a Master’s degree in Marketing and Business Administration. His career includes 15 years senior positions in sales, marketing, and key account management in leading companies active in IT, Telecoms-, IT-security- and Military Communication- industries. With Linkker Tom Granvik has developed transition strategies for cities, industrial partnering concepts and collaboration models for supporting cities both in early phase transition and fleet transition.

Kimmo Erkkilä, Business Development, Strategy and Business Development. Kimmo holds a Master’s degree in engineering from Helsinki Technical University. He has developed and managed heavy duty vehicle activities at VTT and managed numerous projects related to trans-port systems for a number of customers in public transport and vehicle manufacturing, some of these are eBUS, HDEniq, Rastu, Optibio and starting up UITP ZeEUS project. In Linkker Kimmo focuses on business development and decision support solutions to Linkker customers.

Otto Pietikäinen, Project Manager R&D. Otto holds a degree in vehicle engineering from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Otto started his career as project engineer for Electric Race about project and later on eBus project where some of the key drive line technologies where tested. In Linkker Otto manages R&D projects and supports production ram-up phase of new Linkker buses.

Linkker quality statement

Linkker ltd. is a Finnish producer of electric buses that offer very high energy efficiency and high operational performance. The benefits are improved time table performance, higher daily mileage and continuous operation with lower cost. These benefits are achieved with the combination of LinkLight lightweight bus construction, LinkDrive energy efficient drive line, optimized battery size and fast opportunity charging resulting in eBus system with lower consumption, less charging required, longer battery life time and lower life cycle cost.

The objective of Linkker is to supply products that are fit for use and have the desired quality in accordance with customer requirements and specifications. At Linkker quality is essential — in our products and services, our workplace and in our people mindset.

To achieve the above objective and satisfy customer expectations, Linkker is committed to implement and maintain Quality Management System. Linkker management system fulfils requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as well Linkker expects from its manufacturing service providers a system of similar requirements.

Linkker ltd. has been granted EU type approval by Trafi, Finnish Transport Safety Agency, according to directive 2007/46/EC.