Fast Charging E-Buses from Finland Wins Copenhagen Contract

The City of Copenhagen has chosen Finnish Linkker Oy to deliver an emission free electric bus system for bus line 3A in central Copenhagen. Linkker will be teaming up with charging station manufacturer Heliox from the Netherlands. Together, the consortium was able to offer the best solution combining performance and service quality with more than 260km daily mileage, very short turnaround times and long continuous operation. Contract value is 1.3 million Euros and delivery is scheduled for June 2016.

Lightweight, Energy Efficient and Quick Turnaround

Linkker’s mission is to offer solutions for a full transition to zero emission public transport in cities. Linkker is one of the most innovative European companies in sustainable public transport solutions. A strong feature of the Linkker eBuses is its lightweight aluminum structure, energy efficiency and quick turnaround time. The Lithium Titanate Oxide batteries only need between 2-3 minutes of charging. Minimal charging time allows the bus to be up and running again without any delay enabling very high daily mileage. Copenhagen, which aims to be CO2 neutral by 2025, will operate two Linkker eBuses alongside its current fleet of diesel buses that the city intends to phase out. Funding for the two-year project comes mainly from the City of Copenhagen and the Danish Transport Authority.

Cost Savings through Clever Integrated Design and Function

Linkker’s combination of lightweight eBus, quick charging and an energy efficient driveline can result in savings of up to 10-20% in the total cost of ownership compared to diesel buses. Creating such an integrated, well-engineered and cost-efficient system is the thrust of Linkker’s research to help cities transition smoothly to electric powered public transport. The buses are designed to cope with difficult weather conditions from harsh winters to hot summers, they have low noise level, and they offer a safe and comfortable ride resulting high customer satisfaction.

World Benchmark for Electric Buses

Linkker wants Finland to set the world benchmark for the development of electric buses. Starting this November, Linkker will supply the Finnish city of Espoo and Helsinki with 12 buses, and the knowledge gained from the operations will be shared with the City Copenhagen to optimize its operations once it starts running its own line next summer.