Living Lab Bus at ITSWC 2018

The Living Lab Bus project will showcase various solutions for passenger experience, energy efficiency and smart services at the 25th ITS World Congress in Copenhagen (17-21 September).

There will be daily demonstrations as well as a session on the topic at the Nordic Pavilion on Tuesday 18th afternoon.

The demonstration will show Helsinki Region Transport’s (HSL) innovation platform featuring Linkker’s sustainable electric buses and quick charging with further efficiency and driving optimization solutions from EEE Innovations. Using buses as a mobile sensor platform is shown through Foreca’s enhanced weather forecast solutions and Vaisala’s visual road data collection as well as using LiDARs for automated driving by VTT. University of Tampere demonstrates co-creation opportunities with tools for service delivery and passenger feedback.

Living Lab Bus und Linkker auf dem ITS World Kongress

Besides the ITSWC demo, a fleet of Linkker’s electric buses running on three regular bus lines in Helsinki serve as an innovation platform. The project supports and invites new collaborations and innovations by offering the opportunity to use the buses and various data from them as test platform with real operational context and real users for technology and service providers.

The goal is to spark ideas and enable easier development, testing and demonstration of various solutions by using innovative electric buses as a concrete platform in a real use environment. The innovation environment is implemented in co-operation with private companies and research organizations together with the support of the public sector. In addition to the those involved from the beginning, the test platform is open for interested third parties.

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