SRS equipped Linkker 12LE tested in Malaga

SRS equpped Linkker 12LE in Malaga

Alstom Transport selected Linkker 12+ Low Entry electric bus for its project in City of Malaga. The project is to test in real operational conditions Alstom’s new ground based fast charging connectivity system SRS.

The bus is equipped with a 55kWh LTO battery, SRS fast charging connectivity solution and was commissioned in August for commercial operation on line 1 in central Malaga. The bus is charging 20-30 times a day in short bursts with 200kW power achieving daily mileage of more than 200km also in very demanding Mediterranean conditions.

SRS charging connectivity system can be upgraded from 50kW to 800kW without any major technical changes. Aboard the vehicles, the collector shoes are attached underneath vehicle’s chassis.

Linkker Electric Buses are doubling the speed of emission reductions

Elektrobus von Linkker in Luleå

Villähde, 17th October 2018 – City of Luleå has received first Linkker 12+ LE electric lightweight buses for Line 6 Porsön – Kronan. This line will be one of the northern most electric bus lines with operating temperatures below -30C. Luleå is a world wide benchmark for high performance electric bus operation in demanding conditions. The line will be operated with 5 buses and two 400kW charging systems. The fast charging systems are supplied by EkoEnergetyka.

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Linkker at Busworld 2017 in Kortrijk

Meet us at Busworld in Kortrijk and take the time for a test drive with our comfortable and capacious Linkker 12 LE – the ebus with the lowest energy consumption and shortest re-charge events in industry – providing for high transportation performance and low life cycle cost. Our mobile booth is close to main entrance north, just outside hall 9 at P11.

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Fast Charging E-Buses from Finland Wins Copenhagen Contract

The City of Copenhagen has chosen Finnish Linkker Oy to deliver an emission free electric bus system for bus line 3A in central Copenhagen. Linkker will be teaming up with charging station manufacturer Heliox from the Netherlands. Together, the consortium was able to offer the best solution combining performance and service quality with more than 260km daily mileage, very short turnaround times and long continuous operation. Contract value is 1.3 million Euros and delivery is scheduled for June 2016.

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